Contents Lacking Substance (digital_hypoxia) wrote in tortreform,
Contents Lacking Substance

A question on Image theft

I can only hope that someone reading this is in practice, and can offer some insight as to possible legal recourse. An accquaintance of mine has had pictures of her stolen from her website and placed on an online rating community,
She knows of at least two accounts using her image and professing blatantly sexual/fetishistic hobbies etc.
She was recently approached in a mall by someone who has seen her on the site, and assumed that she was a kinky 18 year old looking for sex partners. Needless to say she is quite unnerved.
She contacted the site and received no reponse, then posted on their message board only to be insulted, harassed , and banned by their moderators.
The site makes money every time a member is messaged, which is perhaps their motivation in keeping these profiles up.

Any advice is much appreciated.
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