Jen (obsoletechild) wrote in tortreform,

Job hunt?

Hi! I just joined this community and I will unabashedly admit to doing so with one goal in mind right now: I desperately need a job. I’m a third year law student at UGA and I am trying to find work in Chicago for next fall. But I’m having a hard time drumming up leads in this economy.

1) For law students: So I’m offering a “Reciprocity Agreement” to anyone interested. Basically, I will share any and all job info I do drum up in either or both the Chicago and Atlanta markets (including suburbs) in exchange for similar information from you. Please reply to this post if you are interested. (Sorry if you are reading this multiple times – I’ve cross posted it in all relevant communities. At this point, I have no shame!)

2) For law professionals in Illinois: Please reply to this post if I may contact you to discuss opportunities in the area. Even if your organization or firm has no openings, it would be helpful to me to hear of others who might. I’ve done several good interviews here in Atlanta, but am hoping to break out of this market. All help would be appreciated.
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